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Best Vacuums 2014-2015


If you are looking for the best vacuums of 2014-2015, then you will need to make some decisions. There are so many vacuum cleaners on the market that finding the one that is best may be a challenge. You of course can utilize the information on the web to make the most of your choices. 




There are so many choices when it comes to which vacuum to choose. You can find one to fit about any need. Before you decide which is best for you, give some thought to the following. 




Obviously if you have a home that is completely carpeted then you will need a better machine than if you have one or two rooms of carpeting. You need to set your sights on what your expectations are . Do you want a lightweight vacuum? One that you can easily move up and down stairs? Do you expect that your vacuum will be able to reach high places like the top of curtains and drapes? 


It is important to evaluate what you want to get out of your vacuum before you put the money in. 


Some brands to consider include (on the high end) Dyson, (on the mid range) Hoover, ( on the low end) Eureka.

Best Vacuums 2014-2015 – High-End 

Dyson has engineered a vacuum that never loses suction according to the advertising. According to consumer reports the Dyson Cyclone gets a five start rating.





Best Vacuums 2014-2015 – Mid-Range

The Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Rewind Plus Bagless Upright presents the dirt in your home with a one-two punch. First its multi-cyclonic cleaning core technology means it never loses suction.




Best Vacuums 2014-2015 – Low-End

The Eureka vacuum cleaners offer a realiable brand at an affordable price.




Canister VS Upright 


There are primarily two different types of vacuums when it comes to the best vacuums of 2014-2015. There are upright vacuums and there are canister vacuums. Upright vacuums like their name implies stand upright and the motor and suction apparatus are contained within the unit. 


Canister vacuums are separate pieces. The canister houses the motor and there is a  long hose with the actual vacuum part at the end. 


Each type offers you something different. The upright is easier to handle but the canister usually offers more suction and a larger horse power motor. The canister is a bit harder to move around with because you are dragging the canister around behind you! 


Ultimately it is a personal choice. 




Unfortunately most of us work under some sort of budget. So what maybe best for you is actually what will fit in your budget. You can find a slew of vacuums regardless of your price range. There is no real indication that the more you pay the better the vacuum will be. 


You can easily find the best vacuum cleaners within a certain price range. You can make a list of all the vacuum cleaners that do fit within your price point than check out the reviews for those vacuums. 




Do you have pets? Do you have a lot of carpeting? If you answer yes to either of those questions than you need to search for a vacuum that is made specifically for pet hair removal. In either case a vacuum that offers pet hair removal will work best! 




Bagless models are the best vacuum cleaners because models with bags lose suction as the bag becomes full. If you go cordless recognize that you are not going to get the same suction as corded models. Look for models with at least 180 air watts because they make the best cleaners. 


There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to the best vacuums 2014-2015. The key is doing a little research and deciding what you will use the cleaner for.